Who still has, give us!



like everyone else, We are experiencing inflation along with the price increases connected with it and related nonsense like rent increases. Inflation on the one hand, because everything we need and sell here every day is more expensive and on the other hand, because of course you have less money in your pockets and so less orders come in (and in the summer is generally bought less online anyway).

On top of that, there are some financial holes due to lawyers' fees and back taxes - and what can we say: slowly (or rather faster than expected) it's getting to the substance. We have to get at the reserves and they are not particularly thick either. Shit!

Of course we have to counter all this with price increases - at least for postage, we have come up with a solidarity-based model that works quite well.

But unfortunately that's not enough. We may soon have to crowdfund like our friends at Unrast Verlag. But maybe we can get around it with your help - so if you've been wanting to order something for a long time: now is a good time.

If you want to support us, you can - besides shopping great new stuff - advertise us to the rich part of your relatives or to the no longer active part of the scene (which now has good jobs, etc). You can also buy cool everyday stuff from good and solidary conditions with us.

If you have social media channels - we are happy about any advertising. If you don't have any, but enjoy taking pictures: send us some of our stuff, so we can promote our stuff with it.

It would also be really nice if all the soli-groups and political structures that sell their stuff with us could promote it again. There are still some soli-clothes lying around!

During our inventory we are also sorting out some old motives - so in the middle of inflation and money worries there are also some things we can and want to sell cheaper, which might be practical for you, too.

If you sell stuff from us in your info store, or want to start with it now - feel free to contact us about resale conditions. Also tips for record stores that want to sell our label releases are welcome, we would like to see our records - of course - in many stores.

A small hole has also been left by the end of OpSol. We hope to get at least a little bit back through the support of the following collectives for us and our companions in Ukraine.

And: we really believe that emancipatory forces should care about protests against the price increases right now - It's Class War Time!

We hope very much to be able to support the upcoming struggles with materials and need your support for that!


Solidarity greetings
your bm crew