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Paul Pop: Ist Sex subversiv?

Paul Pop: Ist Sex subversiv?

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Cindy Crabb: Learning Good Consent

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Paperback, 64 p.

Curated by Doris editor Cindy Crabb, Learning Good Consent looks at the culture of sexual consent from a standpoint which is both sexy and educational. During the course of 64 pages, Cindy and friends create a well-rounded consent workshop, with all sights set on healing and helping. In the midst of rape culture, "blurred lines," and troubled relationships with power and boundaries, Consent has your back. As says Cindy in the zine's intro, "Talking about our experiences with consent, our struggles, our mistakes and how we've learned, these are part of a much larger revolutionary struggle."
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Autor*in Cindy Crabb
Publishing Company Microcosm Publishing
Release year 2018
Initial Release 2010
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