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Class Pride (grey) – T-Shirt

Class Pride (grey) – T-Shirt

Class Pride (grey) – waist fitted Shirt

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The rulers keep wanting to make us believe that there are no more classes today. They say that we are all the same and that at the same time we can express ourselves totally individually in our lifestyles. At the same time, they are leading a class struggle from above, which also wants to rob us of the last remnants of our bloody social achievements. The class society, the division into owners and exploited, is still a reality. It has changed, it is now more globalized and feminine than ever, but what unites us is that we are still forced into wage labor. Day after day, no matter whether we work in the factory, in the hospital, in the supermarket, in kindergarten, at school or in the household or whether we have to go to the job center. They claim there are no more classes because they're still afraid that we'll join forces and break our chains. Because they need us, we don't need them. It is time that we became aware of this again. But let's never forget: Being proud of your class doesn't mean being proud of your own exploitation, but organizing with your colleagues against it!

This great design was provided to us by our comrade Iraitz Trojan Tattoo from Bilbao.<(p>

Brand: Fire and Flames

Material: 100% cotton

Print: two-tone front and five-tone back print

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