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My Mom Had an Abortion

My Mom Had an Abortion

Adultismus und kritisches Erwachsensein. Hinter (auf-)geschlossenen Türen

Adultismus und kritisches Erwachsensein. Hinter (auf-)geschlossenen Türen

Creative Interventions Toolkit. A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence

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The primary resource on community accountability and transformative justice.
Paperback, 580 p., Creative Interventions (Editor)

The Creative Interventions Toolkit is a practical guide to community-based interventions to interpersonal violence, a process also known as community accountability or transformative justice. It is written for everyday people: survivors, people who caused harm, and friends or family who want to help without turning to the police or state services. Community-based interventions build on friendships, family connections, and caring relationships rather than policing and punishment. While friends and family are often the “first responders” to violence, many have lost basic tools to end and prevent violence. The Creative Interventions Toolkit aims to rebuild these skills and offer models that can help us with safety, accountability, and community self-determination.

The Creative Interventions Toolkit provides:

Basic information on the dynamics of interpersonal violence
Special sections for survivors of violence and people who have caused harm
Guides for facilitators, friends, and family
A basic model or framework to confront and transform violence
Lots of tools for safety, accountability, and coordination
Stories from everyday people who have used community-based interventions

Readers will gain knowledge and specific strategies to break isolation and create solutions that can be adapted to many different situations and communities.
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Availability available immediately
Publishing Company AK Press
Language English
Release year 2021
Initial Release 2021