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cop-out: the significance of Aufhebengate

cop-out: the significance of Aufhebengate

TerrorZones – Gewalt und Gegenwehr in Lateinamerika

TerrorZones – Gewalt und Gegenwehr in Lateinamerika

CrimethInc.: Security Culture

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Keep Safe

Broschüre, 28 S.


What is Security Culture? A security culture is a set of customs shared by a community whose members may be targeted by the government, designed to minimize risk.


Having a security culture in place saves everyone the trouble of having to work out safety measures over and over from scratch, and can help offset paranoia and panic in stressful situations—hell, it might keep you out of prison, too. The difference between protocol and culture is that culture becomes unconscious, instinctive, and thus effortless; once the safest possible behavior has become habitual for everyone in the circles in which you travel, you can spend less time and energy emphasizing the need for it, or suffering the consequences of not having it, or worrying about how much danger you’re in, as you’ll know you’re already doing everything you can to be careful. If you’re in the habit of not giving away anything sensitive about yourself, you can collaborate with strangers without having to agonize about whether or not they are informers; if everyone knows what not to talk about over the telephone, your enemies can tap the line all they want and it won’t get them anywhere.

More Information
Autor*in CrimethInc.
Publishing Company Störtebeker Press
Language English
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Initial Release 2014
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