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FAU – Mehr als nur Gewerkschaft! – Poster

FAU – Mehr als nur Gewerkschaft! – Poster

Lutte des Classes – T-Shirt

Lutte des Classes – T-Shirt

CrimethInc.: Work. (Audio book (German)) + USB-Stick

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Capitalism - Economy - Resistance

Why do we have to work harder than ever before, despite all the technical progress? How is it that the harder we work, the ultimately poorer we become compared to our bosses? Why do people only focus on saving their jobs when the economy collapses - even though no one likes the work in the first place? Can capitalism survive another century of crises?

Work covers these and a whole host of other questions. To answer them, the collective had to rethink its previous analysis of wage labor and develop a more nuanced understanding of the economy. It has spent months studying dark parts of history and comparing records of how exploitation is experienced in everyday life - slowly working out a great unified field theory of current capitalism.

Audiobook, divided into chapters - including poster

Format: USB stick, 8GB (rewritable)
Length: 7h 12min
Material: Outer shell made from ecologically produced recycled paper.
Spoken Language German
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Availability available immediately
Autor*in CrimethInc.
Publishing Company Black Mosquito
Language German
Release year 2018
Initial Release 2018
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