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Enemigxs del Enemigo – Ruidografia 2006-2021 Tape

Enemigxs del Enemigo – Ruidografia 2006-2021 Tape

Do It Together – Benefit Compilation CD

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Already in 2008 we started our work on a "Do it together-"compilaton under the motto "Mutual Aid" and we finished it only 13 years later in a modified form! (e.g. without offline homepage, only in slim case).

Together with the bands and distros involved, the idea was to do it as much as possible together. .

The CD should be created in such a way that it can be duplicated with simple means. After completion, our idea was to get in touch with anarchist community and to support it in its diversity.

More Information
Genre Crust, Deutschpunk, Electronic, Punk
Label DIY Labels
Format CD
Release year 2021
Availability available immediately
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