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Findus - Vis a Vis CD

Findus - Vis a Vis CD

Don Kanaille - Honig und Stacheldraht CD

Don Kanaille - Honig und Stacheldraht CD

Enraged Minority - Antitude CD

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After more than 100 live shows all over Europe ENRAGED MINORITY come around with their second full lenght album! The four lads from Freiburg, Germany are on their best best behaviour and present 12 very dynamic and powerful streetpunk songs!


01. Antitude

02. They Shall Not Pass

03. Burn All Bridges

04. Rude'n'Rebel

05. Fight For Your Class

06. Chosen Family

07. Equality

08. Our Place

09. I Won't Shed A Tear

10. On The Road

11. Without You

12. Cheers

More Information
Genre Punk
Label Mad Butcher Records
Format CD
Release year 2014
Availability available immediately
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