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Frequently Asked Questions


Hello, I've never ordered from you before. How's that going?

Good idea! Sometimes the site is still a bit confusing, but in principle everything should work. After ordering via onlineshop you will get a mail from us with the bank details (and for orders outside Germany with the real postage costs), after we have received the money there will be another mail in which we tell you how long the shipping takes.
If you pay directly by Paypal or Sofortüberweisung you only get the latter mail... unless you order from Austria, England, Spain or... then we will ask you for the remaining postage costs (the shop unfortunately does not set this automatically yet), which are maximum 12.50 EUR. More info here.

If something should not work, write us.

I didn't get any mail from you after I ordered...

If you have ordered via Paypal, please check the e-mail address you use for Paypal - due to a bug in the shop, the mails usually end up there. Otherwise, it's also worth taking a look at the spam folder, especially at providers like Gmail, Web or Gmx. If that doesn't help either, just send us an email or use our contact form with your full name or order number and we'll find out why.

Who do you send your parcels with?

We ship the majority of our shipments worldwide with DHL, express shipments with DHL-Express. (Saturday delivery unfortunately not possible)
If for some reason you prefer one of the parcel delivery companies (better experience with DPD, criticism of DHL, ...) - please write to us with your order.

How long does my order take?

Generally everything goes out as fast as possible! - We are a small diy-shipping company and not Amazon. It can take longer, please be patient. Usually we write you how long it takes... sometimes it can still take longer, if something went wrong again, we were again located, etc. and so on.
If you don't hear from us after the order, write us - maybe a letter turner went wrong or something else went wrong.
And if something is in a hurry (birthday present, info table, ...) write to us directly, then let's see what we can do.

KLAMOTTEN need longer with us, because we don't have everything in stock. We now have an approx. delivery time with the different manufacturers and with many clothes directly on the product page under "More information" information on the delivery time of the product. Soon you will also be able to see the things sorted by brand. In order to better understand the approximate delivery times, here is a list of the manufacturers for whom we manufacture as required.

GRANDIOSO (delivery time 5–12 working days): we always print the ordered clothes on Mondays, so it can be very fast with orders that arrive on Mondays & are paid for, with orders that arrive on Tuesdays & are paid for but for example quite long.

DIRACTION (delivery time 3–14 days): we always print the ordered clothes on Mondays, so it can be very fast with orders that arrive on Monday & are paid for, with orders that arrive on Tuesday & are paid for but e.g. quite long.

BLACK PRINT RED (delivery time 2–5 days): we usually print directly after the last delivery has arrived. So the clothes are usually there quite fast independent of the day of the order.

ROTER SHOP (delivery time 5–14 days): we usually print directly after the last delivery has arrived. So the clothes are there quite fast independent of the day of the order - because of the big colour choice (not black) clothes sometimes don't come along directly and need then a little longer.

We have the remaining clothes directly in stock.

How does the exchange work with you?

Please pay attention to the right size before ordering. Most of the standard clothes are from Fruit of the Loom or Continental Clothing - we'll gradually add size charts, if you haven't found one yet, you'll find one on the internet. Probably we can also help you via email. Otherwise you might already have some clothes from the corresponding company at home.

Especially shirts with many color options are often custom-made for you. Accordingly the exchange is connected for us with much expenditure. We reserve the right not to exchange special designs free of charge. Write us simply, we are there obliging and gladly not formal.
Meanwhile most product pages show under "More information" how the exchange of the displayed product takes place. If you don't like something (or you want to exchange something for some other reason) simply send it back to us with a small note (desired replacement size, your address). Replacement (or money) will come as soon as possible.
When the work piles up with us, exchange is not exactly one of our favorite pastimes. A small bribe in the form of chocolate or sugar can speed up the processing. ;)

We make a demo, a congress or similar and have made great flyers - do you send them along?

Always here with it. Just send us as much as you can, we'll be happy to include them in the programmes.

We make an info table / We are an info shop - is there a discount?

Absolutely. We have a special WVK list, which we are happy to email you and give you the biggest possible discount on everything else in the shop. Simply order and write a mail to the effect that the items are intended for resale. We also like to prepare free info packages, so it would be nice if you pay the postage.

»Good afternoon, I'm at the police station of Somewhere City and crimes have been committed in my village. Products from your assortment have appeared in the vicinity of the investigations and now I ask you to send us the local customer data.«

Forget it! Forget it! Our customers* are responsible fellow citizens* who know that our products are for private use only.
Otherwise always here with the inquiries: But please by letter. These are framed and hung on our wall for general amusement.

Isn't it a contradiction to sell products with an anti-capitalist message?

From the point of view of the ruling order there is no contradiction at all - after all, it is one of the outstanding functions of the market to absorb everything and make it usable. Revolution, subculture, anti-capitalism - everything can be bought. "You are dissatisfied with the prevailing ways of life and ways? Buy a shirt from us and become part of a subculture" ...and for every discomfort a new gap is found in the logic of exploitation and the market expands (bio-vegan-ecological-correct to communism merch).

On the other hand, we do not believe that the exploitation works totally. We still see in subcultures and the like the chance to offer a free space in which people can free themselves from norms, constraints and encrusted ideas... in shirts, stickers and other materials, which carry a statement into the public we still see a chance for irritation to provide, to provoke, to find and/or to strengthen vehicles.

We are aware of the contradictions - but the point is not to have a 'clean slate' or to be morally superior, but to shake the prevailing conditions.

For consumer criticism we also recommend this text from the streets made of sugar.

I want to order from abroad. How does it work?

As our english shop isn't avaiable at the moment (sorry!) we would like to ask you to send your order through the german shop. If thats too complicated because of the language you can also email us your order.
We ship worldwide. Postage in the 'European Union' is maximal 12,50 EUR – sending abroad is depending to the real postage costs raised by DHL.
After recieving your order we will check the postage costs and send you the total amount... you can pay through paypal or banc transfer. After recieving the money we are going to send out your stuff as soon as possible.