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Frequently Asked Questions

You can generally only order from us without a customer account. This way a maximum of data protection is guaranteed.

After you placed your order you will receive a manual confirmation mail from us and after we have received the money you will get a mail with the approximate shipping time. If you didn't get these mails, then look at point 2.

Unfortunately the shop cannot calculate the postage for international shipping, so you have to do your own estimation. You can get an overview here. If you have miscalculated, we will inform you and ask for some more money. Of course you can also write us in advance. Be aware that espacially the prices for international parcels outside EU might varify – we also try to find the cheapest option.

Please check your other mail addresses and the spam folder. If you can't find anything there, just write us an email or use our contact form with your full name or order number and we'll find out what the problem is.

We use several different shipment methods and companies for international delieveries.
We always try to find the cheapest and most secure way to send you your stuff.

In general everything goes out as quickly as possible!

We will write you again directly after the order with an exact estimation. Please be patient and pay attention to the delivery times on the product pages. There is also the option of filtering according to "availability" in the shop. Information on this is also available in the "More information" tab on the product page. However, for products with a choice of sizes or colors, the availability does not refer to every combination. If something is urgent (birthday present, info table, ...) write us directly, then we will see what we can do.

If you don't hear from us after ordering, please write us - maybe there is a mistake in your mail address or something else went wrong.

Some of the clothes take longer, because we don't have all of them in stock and we have them printed as needed. In the product you can find details about the production and exchange under »more Information«.

Please pay attention to the right size before ordering. Most of the standard clothes are from Continental Clothing - we'll gradually add size charts, if you haven't found one yet, you'll find one on the internet. Probably we can also help you via email.

Otherwise you might already have some clothes from the corresponding company at home.

Especially shirts with many color options are often custom-made for you. Accordingly the return is connected for us with much expenditure. We reserve the right not to exchange special designs free of charge. Write us simply, we are there obliging and gladly not formal. 
Meanwhile most product pages show under "More information" how the return of the displayed product takes place. If you don't like something (or you want to exchange something for some other reason) simply send it back to us with a small note (desired replacement size, your address). Replacement (or money) will come as soon as possible.

When the work piles up with us, exchange is not exactly one of our favorite pastimes. A small bribe in the form of chocolate or sugar can speed up the processing. ;)

We are always happy to stuff a handful of infostuff into each package. With this we are undogmatic and send everything that reaches us from groups - and is within the scope of our self-conception.

If you have any criticism of the enclosed stuff, we think it's great to contact the editors directly.

If you would like to see your own materials in our programmes: just write to us.

We are happy to give you a discount for your information stands and info shops – just order in advance and send us an email that it is for resale..

We would be happy to donate something for your Solidarity raffle (or similar).
 Just write us an email about what it is about.

If you mention us as a donator afterwards, we will be pleased.
But since we always like to donate everywhere, you have to take what is currently in the raffle box ... that can sometimes only go as a consolation prize.

We try to recycle all incoming packaging and packaging materials as much as possible, so if your package looks a little used and not very fancy, the environment was at least protected. If there are any plastic padding materials in your package, they are also recycled.

Otherwise we try to work in an environmentally friendly way, as far as we can afford it.

From the perspective of the dominant order there is no contradiction at all – after all, one of the outstanding functions of the market is to absorb everything and make it usable. Revolution, subculture, anti-capitalism – everything can be bought. »You are dissatisfied with the prevailing ways of life and ways of life? Buy a shirt from us and become part of a subculture«

...and so for every discomfort a new gap in the logic of exploitation is found and the market expands (Bio-vegan-ecological-correct to communism-merch).

On the other hand, we do not believe that exploitation works totalitarian. We still see in subcultures and the like the chance to offer a free space in which people can free themselves from norms, constraints and encrusted ideas... in shirts, stickers and other materials, which carry a statement into the public we still see a chance to cause irritation, to provoke, to find and/or encourage companions.

We are aware of the contradictions – but it is not a question of having a 'clean slate' or being morally superior, but rather of shaking the prevailing conditions.

For a critique of consumerism we also recommend this brochure(sorry, it’s in german language).