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The Whole World Hates The Police Backpatch

The Whole World Hates The Police Backpatch

Die Ganze Welt Hasst Die Polizei Rücken-Aufnäher

Die ganze Welt hasst die Polizei – Backpatch

Feral Crust – SOLI-Button

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Soli-Button für Feral Crust

Durchmesser: 25mm





Sämtliche Erlöse werden an Feral Crust, einem anarchistischen Infoladen auf den Philippinen, gespendet!



Feral Crust is a community based autonomous center active on research, education, and implementation in the field of:



- food growing/permaculture

- do-it-yourself ethic/self sufficiency

- past and current issues in the social and ecological struggles and resistance worldwide

- indigenous culture/traditional lifeways

- non-authoritarian relationships

- solidarity, voluntary cooperation and mutual aid

- alternative health care/natural healing

- confronting sexism, ableism, ageism, racism, classism, homophobia, speciesm, nationalism etc.



Email: Address: Mabato Road Ibayo- Tipas,Taguig 1637 Metro Manila, Philippines Cell #: 09302085155

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