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Feste feiern, wenn sie fallen! (BM-Edition) – Poster

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Translation: celebrate, when they fall.
(a wordplay in german)
Our BM advertising flyer, unfolded a DINA3 (approx: 29.7 × 42.0) poster

Maximum order quantity: 3 per order

. "Inhuman terrorists who will use any means and have lost their moral compass".

So the prosecutor in the plea against the 'Three from the park bench'. He justified this also with the "attitude" of the defendants. He enumerated posters and flyers with, in his opinion, anti-state motives, which had been found during apartment searches of those involved. According to the trial monitoring group "Parkbankprozess", among them was said to have been a letter criticizing deportation and, among other things, it was also about this poster.

We take it as a compliment when men who stand up for this state - which lets hundreds drown in the Mediterranean, evicts and imprisons people from their homes, and maintains and pushes the global capitalist system - accuse us of losing our 'moral compass'. Your morals are hypocritical filth and you will use any means to maintain the daily catastrophe!

More on the case in our solidarity category.
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