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Antifa Boxing Crew (Soli gegen G20) – T-Shirt

Antifa Boxing Crew (Soli gegen G20) – T-Shirt

Feste feiern wenn sie fallen – Poster

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Size: DINA2 (42x59.4cm)

Translation & Explanation: The Text says literally: "Celebrate Parties when they fall" or "Party hard when they fall". "Feste" can mean "Parties" and "hard". But there's also a pun in it. There's a German saying "Feste feiern wie sie fallen" which translates to "Celebrate parties as they come"

Background: All proceeds will be donated to the people who have been behind bars in Hamburg since the G20 United we Stand!

Rolled shipping : costs 5.00 order here.

(Otherwise the poster will probably be sent folded on A4)

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