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Erich Mühsam Revue (inkl. CD)

Erich Mühsam Revue (inkl. CD)

Finna – Zartcore CD

(inkl. MwSt.)
Hamburg rapper, singer and producer Finna releases her debut album "Zartcore" today. Alongside the 13 strong tracks, an emotional music video of the focus single "VDAZV" (Verlier die Angst, zu verlieren) is also released. Touchingly honest, Finna speaks on the song about her Struggle with self-doubt and the constant fear of failure. However, with her powerful vocals and profound lines, she breaks free from the spiral of thoughts and emphasizes how important mistakes are for one's own development. In doing so, the rapper succeeds in making an empowering statement, as she does on the album's other songs: again and again, she illuminates dark thoughts and aching emotions to show that all of it is valid and justified - and above all, we are not alone in this. Thus, she draws from her vulnerability at the same time her greatest strengths.

The LP contains a DIN A6 sticker, a postcard and a folded DIN A3 poster.

01. D.I.Y. (Intro)
02. Zartcore
03. Papierkrieg
04. Klimakrise (Skit)
05. Vaporizer
06. Love für den Zweifel
07. Staying Soft (feat. Sayes & Mino Riot)
08. Wenn ich ich bin
09. Overscheiß
10. Slutpride (feat. Saskia Lavaux)
11. Mudda
13. Zurück zu dir

Gesamtlänge: ca. 38 Min.

More Information
Genre Hip-Hop
Label Audiolith
Format CD
Release year 2022
Availability available immediately
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