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FLINTA* Toilette (large) – Stickers

FLINTA* Toilette (large) – Stickers

Glotz nicht, sonst kotz ich! – Stickers

Glotz nicht, sonst kotz ich! – Stickers

FLINTA*- & All Gender-Toilette – Sticker-Mix

(inkl. MwSt.)

Quantity: 10 small (A8) and 1 large (A6) FLINTA* and all gender toilet stickers each

Format: A8, approx. 72x56 mm and A6, approx. 148x105 mm

Material: PVC adhesive film (outdoor)

Background: Why 'all gender' and 'FLINTA*' toilets?

Toilets should be accessible to all. For people who do not find themselves in the binary gender system, finding and going to the toilet is always a challenge, as no toilet is suitable. They must be afraid of getting funny looks or being attacked (verbally) by people who read them differently. With 'all gender' and FLINTA* toilets, there is both a more open approach to toilets and a more protected space without cis men.

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