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Fluchtwege freihalten! – SOLI – T-Shirt

Fluchtwege freihalten! – SOLI – T-Shirt


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This solidarity shirt was created in collaboration with Elternhaus, Suicycle, LIMBUS GOODS and True Rebel.

The print on the back shows the bridge on the Golden Pudel between the Elbe and Park Fiction. Apart from the scene in Rambo 3, it was probably the first time that blue light was used for something meaningful: A perfect motif to express your anger at European border politics.

This is still a shame and it is more time than ever to take action!

We cannot wait for politicians to show responsibility, humanity and courage because that will not happen. We have to increase the pressure ourselves.

The Mediterranean is a mass grave and we have to stand up and act.

100% of the proceeds go to organizations that uncover these conditions and fight them with all possible means.

Action speaks louder than words!

Are about one size larger than our classic LIMBUS GOODS shirts!

Please note the size chart.

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