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5 Years of Action – Political Stencil

5 Years of Action – Political Stencil

afrique-europe interact #11

afrique-europe interact #11

gasera journal #1

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Anarchist Journal from the Philippines
Magazine, ca A4, 24 p.

This filipino publication is a product of a collaborative effort of various individuals and collectives involved in different activities such as community-based workshops, round-table discussions, fora, publications, graffiti, pickets, gigs, and other solidarity campaigns. They are those who you can classify (loosely) as anarchists, anti-authoritarians and autonomous activists.

Articles included on the journal are:
*An introduction to anti-statism and anti-nationalism for a Philippine audience.
*An non-state and non-nationalist sketch for the archipelago known as the Philippines.
*Who is a “real activist”? Who is a real rebel? The militancy of the Black Bloc and the role of property destruction in campaigns and movements in the international activist community.
*An analysis of the potential for anarchist tendencies in the Diliman Commune, a student uprising against the Marcos Administration.
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