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Inner Terrestrials – Heart Of The Free CD

Inner Terrestrials – Heart Of The Free CD

Inner Terrestrials – The Plague Tapes CD

Inner Terrestrials – The Plague Tapes CD

Geigerzähler – Der Zeitstrahl ist zerbrochen CD

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Between misery and sorrow (Zwischen Elend und Sorge) an old steam operated train is driving. Where does it drive? From the brokem timeline through the emptiness in a blue time? And we? In the middle of it.
First it stops in Dystopia. This is in the future and a bit already now. But who wants to stay there? Todas drums and the choir with Uta Šwejdźic, Efa Supertramp and Iris give it the strength to start a journey into the past. It wasn`t everything better then. Agonie. Between dead spruces it is called: The timeline is broken (Der Zeitstrahl ist zerbrochen) – again with Utas singing in the background. On a pond, somewhere in the east you can listen to >Mückenlarvensagen until The Fairy (Die Fee) slashs the silent. A court fool of the now time, hung with rings and fool’s cap, dares a glance back to past Privileges (Privilegien) (supported by the known choir and a breaking bottle). Angry the Happy Childhood (Glückliche Kindheit) and shatteres in Phrases and Dust (Phrasen und Staub). We pause and search Yesterday Morning (Gestern Morgen) for the ghosts oft he past which disguise the way tot he future. The text is from Bini Adamczak from the so called book. Forgetting all the questions we continue our journey to the borough Friedrichshain of the 90`s. Mongrelshit reloaded (Köterkacke reloaded) is a song from the same named band, where Toda was drumming back then. The past is from me – also from me. I played the violin a bit then. Rest in Punk couldn`t fit better, but it has a much sadder background. What will happen with the future, if I`m not able to ask the rolemodels of the past for help? Let us make punk danger again! Köpi, Köpi, Köpi! Viva, viva, viva! Otherwise only The Emptiness (Die Leere) but this is an other story that needs urgently a counter-story. Invitation (Einladung). Remains at the end:

Indivisible ist he hope,
look ahead step by step,
indivisible is also the fight
for freedom, equality, happiness!

Translation: Liz

More Information
Genre Songwriter / Acoustics
Label DIY Labels
Format CD
Release year 2021
Availability available immediately
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