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CADUS - redefine global solidarity

CADUS - redefine global solidarity "Thistle" – Hooded Jacket

CADUS - redefine global solidarity – Patch

CADUS - redefine global solidarity – Patch

Facemask – CADUS "Thistle" (Soli) – traded in solidarity & organic

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With the purchase of this mask you finance the production of three masks in northeast Syria at the same time. Everyday masks there are expensive luxury goods that hardly anyone can afford. The locally produced masks are distributed free of charge by health workers to the population and enable people to protect themselves and others from infection with the coronavirus.

In addition to the fabric mask, we now provide you with an FFP2 mask in black and pink.

Mask: dna-merch – Traded in solidarity

made with dignity in Croatia by a self organized workers coop. Raw materials come from India and are certified ecologically, with every shirt basic unions in India are supported. More on the production process

Fabric: 100% indian Cotton from organic farming at 160g/m²

Measure: width 20,5 cm, height min. 9 cm, height max. 16 cm, Circumference of the ear wings 15 cm

Colour: black – Dyed with AZO-free colors in accordance with the current international eco standards

Print: CADUS-thistle in two-tone screen printing with environmentally friendly water-based inks

Background: CADUS have existed for 6 years now .. That means 6 years of solidarity humanitarian aid. Active in Northeast Syria since 2014, they are now also providing emergency aid for and with the local people.

Usage and care instructions

1. Before wearing for the first time: the cotton mask is boil-proof and reusable. It is advisable to wash the mask at 95 ° C before wearing it for the first time; disinfectant should be added to the wash cycle at 60 ° C. Alternatively, you can boil the mask in a pot of water for at least 5 minutes. You can dry the mask in the dryer, on a line or by hot steaming.

2. When wearing: You should change the mask when it is wet. It is generally advisable to change them after 3 hours of permanent wear at the latest. Don't wear them to sleep! Don't put them on babies!

3.When you remove the mask: do not touch the outer surface of the mask, just the tapes. It is best to put the used mask in a lockable box if you cannot wash it immediately. Then wash your hands thoroughly.

4. Wash regularly after wearing

Legal Notice

Our washable, reusable cotton breathing masks are not medically tested or certified and therefore not suitable for the medical field. By covering the mouth and nose, however, droplets that are expelled when speaking, coughing or sneezing can be caught. This can reduce the risk of infecting another person through coughing, sneezing or talking (third-party protection). Self-protection is not sufficiently proven.

The mask is used at your own risk. Any claim for damages is excluded.

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