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Wolfi Landstreicher: Against the Logic of Submission

Wolfi Landstreicher: Against the Logic of Submission

Links-Nietzscheanismus. Band 1: Nietzsche selbst

Links-Nietzscheanismus. Band 1: Nietzsche selbst

Great Anarchists #6 : Max Stirner

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A series of short introductions to classic anarchist thinkers and agitators by Clifford Harper and Ruth Kinna
Pamphlet, A6, 24 p.

“Born Johann Kaspar Schmidt in Beyreuth in 1806, Stirner is one of the most controversial anarchists, by turns celebrated as the seminal anarchist theorist and marginalised as a political philosopher only tangentially related to the anarchist movement.”

These short introductions delve into the anarchist canon to recover some of the distinctive ideas that historical anarchists advanced to address problems relevant to their circumstances. Although these contexts were special, many of the issues the anarchists wrestled with still plague our lives. Anarchists developed a body of writing about power, domination, injustice and exploitation, education, prisons and a lot more besides. Honing in on different facets of the anarchist canon is not just an interesting archaeological exercise. The persistence, development and adaptation of anarchist traditions depends on our surveying the historical landscape of ideas and drawing on the resources it contains. The theoretical toolbox that this small assortment of anarchists helped to construct is there to use, amend and adapt.

Agitate, Educate, Organise!
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Autor*in Ruth Kinna
Publishing Company Active Distribution
Language English
Release year 2019
Initial Release 2019
Book Series Great Anarchists
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