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Black Square – Blumen am Abgrund – Tape

Black Square – Blumen am Abgrund – Tape

Outdate – in ruins LP

Outdate – in ruins Tape

Häck / Mäck – Straight outta Hinterland – Tape

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BCT#41 HäckMäck – Straight outta Hinterland

Circulation: 100

Release: 01 April 2022

100x transparent tapes in sleeve

Joint release with "Label mit dem Hund"

That's what it sounds like when 2 people from the punk/HC corner decide to do rap. With balaclava and attitude, straight from the dark hinterland. Guaranteed no ganster stuff or shit.


  1. Intro
  2. Straight Outta Hinterland
  3. Zeigefinger
  4. Weltschmerz
  5. Knüppelbande (Kasuar-Cover)
  6. Die Art zu leben
  7. Fragen
  8. Krieg (VSK-Cover)
  9. Para
  10. FVF
More Information
Genre Hip-Hop
Label Black Cat Tapes
Format MC
Release year 2022
Availability available immediately
Language German
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