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19 Julio 1936 – Classic CNT / FAI Poster – Puzzle (1.000 Teile)

19 Julio 1936 – Classic CNT / FAI Poster – Jigsaw (1.000 Pieces)

Barista, Barista Antifascista! (Kanne) – Plattenkunst / Upcycling

Barista, Barista Antifascista! (Kanne) – Vinylart / Upcycling

If you can't smash it, set it on fire – Linocut-Print

(inkl. MwSt.)
Linocut-Print, black ink on white paper (30x30cm)


uprising [/ˈʌprʌɪzɪŋ/]

an act of opposition,
sometimes using
violence by many
people against those
who are in power.
its aim is to fight
the prevailing system,
therefore it implies
the chance to create
a new world
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