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Defend Kurdistan – SOLI – waist fitted Shirt

Defend Kurdistan – SOLI – waist fitted Shirt

Desert Stories - Revolution and drought

Desert Stories - Revolution and drought

Killing and Transforming the Dominant Man

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The Jineolojî Academy of the Andrea Wolf Institute of Rojava presents the booklet "Killing and Changing the Dominant Man".
Pamphlet, 60 p.

What is a man? Why kill the man? How to transform the man? How to build free relationships? What is a free life? But where do we have to start? This booklet shows one way to find an answer to these questions by diving deep into the theory and practice of "Killing and Transforming the Dominant Man": the need to eradicate the patriarchy that sits deep within so that freedom and love can flow freely. This work connects the ideology of the Kurdish freedom movement with other works on critical masculinity. It is an invitation to all to advance the struggle. It is also a guide for men to begin to liberate themselves and become part of the liberation struggle of others. This is the work for all who are fighting for a free society. This is the way to liberation.
This booklet also gives examples of anti-patriarchal education in the Kurdish freedom movement, showing that through self-reflection men can overcome their patriarchal way of thinking, approaching and behaving and achieve freedom (again). Through the questions we have asked men and through our discussions, new reflections and changes have already emerged.
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Language English
Release year 2021
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