My Cart ( 0 ) has been known on the Russian-speaking Internet for almost 20 years. For example, in 2019, the site received 8 million unique visitors. We received and processed more than 20 thousand responses manually. When the media write about labour conflicts, they use testimonials from our website. In this way, we help workers' voices be heard. We also run groups on social networks where we talk about injustice, capitalism, and class struggle. The total number of readers of our social networks is about 34 thousand subscribers.

Thus, we, as anarchists, are always on the side of the worker, and people are aware of this. is affiliated with the working class, and we also work with independent trade unions. Previously, we also organized actions of the Solidarity Networks, in which our associates pressured employers to return unpaid wages to their workers. At the same time, we do not cooperate with employers and the police, for which our site is often attacked and banned (we are banned in Belarus and Kazakhstan, several times a year we are blocked in Russia). We often receive threats from employers, courts, and police.

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