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Klima retten: Kra-Wale – Sticker

Klima retten: KraWALE – Stickers

Klima retten: ENTeignen! – Stickers

Klima retten: ENTeignen! – Stickers

Klima retten: REHvolution! – Stickers

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Format: square, 72x72 mm

Material: PVC adhesive film (outdoor)

Background: The animal stickers are from the anti-capitalist climate meeting in Munich. The stickers are intended to promote more left-wing climate activism. For a class-struggle climate movement.

"We are an open meeting where everyone is welcome to take action against climate change and capitalism. We organize cool demos and campaigns together. There are similar climate meetings elsewhere, ... Feel free to come along , join us and get active!

For more REHvolution, KraWALE (riots) and ENTeignen! (expropriation)

pun explanation: Krawalle means riots and whales are "Wale" in German.
Enteignen means to expropriate and ducks are called "Ente" in German
Deer is "Reh" in German, for the REHvolution"

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