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Mare Liberum - Logo – T-Shirt

Mare Liberum - Logo – T-Shirt

Lives on the Move. No Name Kitchen – Calendario 2022

Lives on the Move. No Name Kitchen – Calendario 2022

Mare Liberum - Logo – Shirt (waist fitted)

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Basic, fitted organic t-shirt with a round neckline with a large print on the back and a small logo on the chest.

Background: This solidarity product supports the work of Mare Liberum e. V. in the Aegean Sea. Mare Liberum monitors compliance with human rights for refugees in the Aegean. With two ships and from land, Mare Liberum documents the situation on the dangerous escape route between Turkey and Greece, as well as on the Greek islands. The aim is to document human rights violations such as pushbacks and to draw attention to them. In 2020 Mare Liberum alone was able to count 312 incidents in which 9,798 people were illegally pushed back. Through its work, Mare Liberum wants to strengthen solidarity and fundamental human rights in the region.

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