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Ihaz Alinevich: Auf dem Weg nach Magadan

Ihar Alinevich: Auf dem Weg nach Magadan

ABC Belarus – SOLI – T-Shirt

ABC Belarus – SOLI – T-Shirt

Mikola Dziadok: The Colours of the Parallel World

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Mikola Dziadok is an activist of Belarusian anarchist movement. He was sentenced to 4,5 years in prison for organization of illegal protest and symbolic direct actions against state buildings. He was released in August 2015 after serving 5 years in different prisons (he wasn't released after 4,5 years and got 1 more year) in Belarus. This book is collection of his texts that he wrote mostly after release about his experience inside the prison. It is people's history of modern belarusian penitentiary system with all dark spots.

Published by Anarchist Black Cross Belarus
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Autor*in Mikola Dziadok
Publishing Company Selbstverlag
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