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Grog Street Killer Ink – 200ml Nachfülltinte

Grog Street Killer Ink – 200ml Refill Ink

Molotow Speedflow Cocktail – 250ml Refill Ink

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With the Molotow Refill Cocktail Speedflow Buff Resist Ink refill ink in the practical 250ml safety glass bottle, your Molotow Masterpiece Markers get new fuel.

Speedflow Black is a chemical black based on nitrogen with a slight copper shimmer and viscoplastic color application.

  • Alcohol-based ink
  • quick drying
  • very high coverage
  • glossy paint application
  • permanent
  • extremely weather-resistant
  • abrasion resistant
  • deep black
  • fast work on large areas


  • It is essential to follow the safety regulations when refilling: Put on gloves and observe an absolute ban on smoking - the ink is flammable!
  • The best results are achieved on smooth surfaces

Contents: 250 ml. Base price: € 70.60 / 1 liter

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