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Montana Adhesive Permanent – 400ml Adhesive Spray

Montana Adhesive Permanent – 400ml Adhesive Spray

Standard Cap black/white

Standard Cap black / white

Montana Adhesive Permanent – 150ml Adhesive Spray

(inkl. MwSt.)

Acid-free spray adhesive on a synthetic basis with solvent. Montana ADHESIVE Spray enables repeated gluing and correction of various materials such as textiles, foam, photos, paper, cardboard, wood, blackboard and polystyrene (limited).

Not suitable for use with artificial leather or other materials with plasticizers or softeners (e.g. plasticized PVC). Glues inlays in and on each other. Test before use, especially on heavy materials. When used in textile printing, make sure that the adhesive does not transfer from the table to the textiles.

Dry content is around 35%.

Well suited for large areas and multiple relocations.

Short evaporation time.

Shipping restrictions: We ship spray cans only to continental Europe!

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