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Grog Refiller – Refill Tip

Grog Refiller – Refill Tip

Molotow Refill One4all Acrylic 180ml – various colours

Molotow Refill One4all Acrylic 180ml – various colours

Montana Nylon Winter-Gloves

As low as €5.99

Every season is painting season! Definitely with the new Montana WINTER GLOVES! Made of 2.4mm thick, woven nylon and filled with a soft 3.6mm inner lining made of acrylic, these gloves donate not only warmth, but also the necessary elasticity to work with them. The outer layer of nylon is also coated with latex. The materials used in these winter gloves are both breathable and elastic, keep you warm even at temperatures down to -5 ° C and, thanks to the jagged coated fingertips, offer perfect grip.

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