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Night Miasma - Exhausted EP

Night Miasma - Exhausted EP

Nightjet – Warriors of Love EP

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In 1984 three brothers K. Earnest, Rusty Meyer and Harper Owen Jackson from Brettingen, Colorado, formed the band NIGHTJET after dropping out of high school because the future they were promised did not live up to their expectations of an good life. This was the beginning of a never ending journey of love..

The ancient legends say there is a deep friendship to the guys formerly known as El Mariachi. This first release by these 80s Rock gods comes on black Vinyl in a 300g sleeve with a thick Inlay including all the fantastic lyrics and an impressive cover design which will brighten your night. You can download this rocking masterpiece via Bandcamp. Feel this 12,5 minutes lasting warm hug sprinkeld with love and joy.
If travelling is possible these beautiful warriors will come over to germany to spread some love... Live. Check out their YouTube channel and leave a Like on there MySpace profile or whereever you‘re searching for some love!

More Information
Genre Rock
Label My Ruin
Format EP / 7"
Release year 2021
Availability available immediately
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