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Organic cotton washcloth (various colors)

Organic cotton washcloth (various colors)

No Border - No Nation – Cycling Cap

No Border - No Nation – Cycling Cap

No Borders – SOLIDARITY – Scarf

As low as €30.00

Material: 100% acrylic

Background: The Smash Borders collective is a grassroots group dedicated to helping people on the run. Our goal is to offer them security and dignity along the way. We share our secure structures with all who seek a glimmer of hope in the rigors of their journey. We support anyone in trouble. Since autumn 2021, more and more travelers have been crossing the Belarusian-Polish border on foot. This route has been used by people for decades, but just over a year ago it changed and became even more important in world politics. This process is linked to specific policies that benefit the powerful and harm the weak. On the one hand, travelers face difficulties when trying to go through Belarus and later getting stuck at the border. There they are confronted with harsh conditions, low temperatures and the violence of the Belarusian military. On the other hand, the Polish ruling class, fueled by nationalist resentment, has chosen to either illegally deport people back to Belarus or imprison anyone "lucky" enough to be accepted into the asylum system. The Polish government imposed a state of emergency over the border area and militarization of the area, and undertook enormous racist propaganda efforts to break solidarity within Polish society. Finally, they also built a fence (PL "mur" - as on our merch "jebać mur", meaning "fuck the wall"), which was a great asset for pro-government businessmen. The last major player is the European Union, which was just waiting for an opportunity to blockade its eastern border and complete the closure of the Eruope Fortress. On the mainland itself, smugglers and various uniformed services rob, beat and cheat people. The terrain is rough and the forest is dense, it's not an easy place to survive.

At Smash Borders Collective, we believe everyone has the right to choose where to spend their lives. We provide the travelers with accommodation, food, clothing, medical care, etc. We talk to them about their situation, not as another bureaucrat making decisions about their lives, but as someone who really supports them on their way. We seek to create and maintain a sustainable grassroots structure that not only supports those fleeing, but also shows them the strength of informal groups driven by solidarity against the oppressors. Rather than just providing aid, we try to work together with people, find common enemies, and change our world the way we want it to be in the future. All proceeds from No Borders merch designed by stahool666 will be used towards completing the above challenges. We hope you enjoy our merch, share our vision and want to contribute to our efforts to build an equal world without these damn borders.

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