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Keine Fotos - Keine Videos – Stickers

Fight 4 Rojava – Neon Aufkleber

Fight 4 Rojava – Neon Sticker

No Bosses, No Machos, … – Stickers

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Format: 105x74 mm (A7)

Material: PVC adhesive film (outdoor)


"Boycott of gorillas & strike against the patriarchy"

A sticker in support of the queer-feminist workers of Gorillas, being in strike against the circumstances. Gorillas Technologies GmbH is the horror groceries delivery company that has caught worldwide attention through its all-consuming growth on the back of precarious workers. Those workers - we - fought back by striking wild without any help of the established unions. Wildcat strikes!

Ideally, we would like to see the concept of work abolished, though we start with fighting back against our bosses, as well as patriarchy and many other systems of oppression. The labour struggle has little room for people like us, outside of the able-bodied cis-male mindset and we demand a change.

Boycott, strike, fight against oppression. NO BOSSES, NO MACHO COMRADES, NO GORILLAS GMBH! Keep resisting ALL authority...

The soli-money will be used to support: Flinta* riders after bike accidents. Flinta* strikers. Counseling after sexual harassment at the work place. Queer-feminist delivery workers in precarious situations. Guerillas in action facing court. Against gender-based violence at the work place as well as in the organising circles.

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