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Un Mundo Nuevo – Poster

Un Mundo Nuevo – Poster

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Beach Body – Poster

Organize – Poster

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Illustration: Marten

Format: A3 landscape - 420 x 297 mm

Translation: Organize:
Capitalism is the organized exploitation of humans, non-human animals and the environment. The discriminatory inequalities of patriarchy, racism and the Kalssen systematically contribute to the fact that enormous profits are generated for a few people in the Global North. The balance of power is deeply rooted in the economic system, the state and our thinking.
We must fight this old, sick world in order to build a just and liberated society. It is our responsibility to initiate and bring about the necessary changes. Given the far-reaching structures of capitalism, we must seek collective answers. It is therefore logical and sensible that we organize ourselves. We need resilient structures that are flexible, powerful and build long-term resistance. At regular meetings, we can exchange ideas on an equal footing and decide together how we then consistently communicate our political concerns to the outside world. In the practice of political struggle, collective organizing is our strength against the reactionary and conservative forces that will again and again stand in our way. Only together, by building anti-capitalist organizations and networks, will we be able to bring about the revolutionary upheavals that bring capitalism down.

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