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Zunder – Proxima B LP

Zunder – Proxima B LP

Black Mojito Bundle

Black Mojito Bundle

Raest / Enemigxs del Enemigo – split LP

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Punk from Germany and Costa Rica
The first release from RAEST from Cologne. Angry, catchy raw punk that makes the neighbours think an unleashed wild boar herd has moved in next door. D-beat mixed with nasty HC riffs, anarcho-punk with bass thunderstorms. It always goes someone has ripped out the stop signs and thrown them through the window of a bull tub. Content-wise an apt frontal attack on the racist, sexist and neoliberal normal state. Mega debut!

ENEMIGXS DEL ENEMIGO from San Jose/Costa Rica step up the tempo and gallop towards the deep abyss with their mad HC/anarchopunk horse. Meanwhile they throw mollis at everything they don't like about this world and that's a hell of a lot! Extremely varied through alternating vocals and simply awesome punk! You can tell that the compañerxs from Costa Rica haven't just been in the saddle since yesterday!

More Information
Genre Deutschpunk, Hardcore, Punk
Label Black Mojito
Format LP / 12"
Release year 2022
Availability available immediately
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