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Ida Mett: The Kronstadt Commune

Ida Mett: The Kronstadt Commune

 Воспоминания террористки. Ирина Каховская

Воспоминания террористки. Ирина Каховская

Remember Kronstadt. One Hundred Years On.

(inkl. MwSt.)
A new edition of two essays about the Kronstadt Uprising, the main one written in 1991 by the Wildcat magazine.
Paperback, 48 p.

A century ago, Lenin's communists turned their guns on rebelling sailors once hailed as the "pride and glory" of the Bolshevik Revolution.

This is the story of those true revolutionaries, one told by an anonymous poster on Libcom an dthe other a UK based anarchist paper called Wildcat, written in the 1991.
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Publishing Company Active Distribution
Language English
Release year 2021
Initial Release 1991
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