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Menschen schützen statt Grenzen - RESQSHIP – SOLIDARITY – T-Shirt

Menschen schützen statt Grenzen - RESQSHIP – SOLIDARITY – T-Shirt


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delivery time: ready for dispatch towards the end of August due to the textile printer's vacation.

Hoodie: Earth Positive EP60P - fair trade & organic

Material: 100% organic cotton, 280g/m²

Colour: Navy

Print: One-color front and two-color back print by Grandioso-Textildruck

Background: This product supports the work of RESQSHIP e.V. in the Central Mediterranean.

RESQSHIP runs observation missions there with the motor glider Nadir and provides supportive measures for sea rescue. In 2021 we were involved in the rescue of over 1200 people. In this way, we are committed to protecting human rights and, at the same time, we are doing educational work about the existing emergency situation at sea. Our work begins where the European Union fails. With your soli purchase you help to draw attention to the constant human rights violations in the central Mediterranean and enable us to continue to be active on site.

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