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Schlimm – Heute Schlimmer als gestern Tape

Schlimm – Heute Schlimmer als gestern Tape

NØX – You`re alone but that`s ok Tape

NØX – You`re alone but that`s ok Tape

Spacetime – Chromosphera Tape

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Finally: unsere erste Veröffentlichung mit Black Mojito.

Vom ersten Track bis zur Abgabe im Presswerk hat es fast ein Jahr gedauert, sämtliche Promo-Regeln wurden missachtet und auch sonst verfolgen wir nach wir vor das Prinzip learnig by doing, einfach weil wir Bock drauf haben geile Platten mit coolen Leuten zu machen.

Insgesamt sind es 8 Tracks, die auch als pay-what-you-want Download erschienen sind. Neben 5 hammer Tracks von Alex Spacetime haben wir auch noch 3 Remixe von Lucinee, Janne Hardt und Nordrose am Start.

Mastering von ALHEK Mastering, Design von Maria Synesthesia & gepresst von Neophon Vinyl Presswerk.


1. Second Personality 06:25

2. Vetrogenerator Ветрогенератор 05:49

3. Südermarkt mittags 05:29

4. Shuttle Docking 06:10

5. Chromosphera 05:56

6. Chromosphera (Lucinee Remix) 06:06

7. Chromosphera (MOD1FLY LAW BREAKER) 05:17

8. Chromosphera (Nordrose Remix) 07:30

It took us almost a full year from the very first track until submission to Press plant.

Disobeying almost every promotional rule, we follow the principle of learning-by-doing simply because we want to share our passion for great music and love to work with the artists we admire.

The first powerful release of Black Mojito comes with 5 hammering original tracks by Spacetime and 3 additional remixes by Lucinee, Nordrose and Mod1fly which blur the line considerably between various subgenres.

The full release will be available digitally on Bandcamp joined by a selection of 4 tracks on Vinyl. The A-Side of the record opens with the noisy and lazer-sharp industrial-fueled original track Chromosphera by Spacetime, followed by Lucinees pulsating trance-influenced remix which is a mental and hypnotizing journey. Side B leads you into deeper shades with Spacetimes original track Second Personality. Ranging between oscillating tones and clap fueled percussions it is accompanied by Mod1flys jungle-break-beat rework of Chromosphera and Second Personality which is packed with thunderous energy and broken drums.

Digitales Release:


Tape Version released in Russia by Kirpi4 Distro

More Information
Genre Techno
Label Black Mojito
Format MC
Release year 2019
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