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coffee "Libertad" - 1kg, whole beans

Störtebeker coffee - 250g, ground

(inkl. MwSt.)
Coffee against money bags

Mild highland coffee, 100% Arabica
• Traditionally grown in Mexico and Costa Rica
• Special surcharges for the Störtebeker Fund
• Cooperatives: Yochin Tajal Kinal / Chiapas, CoopeAgri / Chirripo

With this offer we are reducing our own surcharges to finance the work of Café Libertad Kollektiv in order to create more solidarity money.

We support opposition groups in Chiapas and Mexico with 12.50 euro cents per package sold. In addition, a further 12.50 euro cents per pack sold goes to left-wing or social-revolutionary projects worldwide. This is the first coffee that not only supports projects in the country of origin, but also here in the heart of the beast and around the world. With this we adopt a basic idea of ​​the Zapatistas that real solidarity with the insurgents in Chiapas can best be realized through an uprising in front of one's own door.

Arabica Coffee
Non-EU agriculture

contains caffeine

Basic price: €18.20/1Kg

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