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Todschicker, – st LP

Todschicker, – st LP

Sluts – Bäh!!! LP

Sluts – Bäh!!! LP

Street Eaters – The Envoy LP

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Truewave / Punk
"STREET EATERS are a truewave/punk band from Berkeley+Oakland, CA that has drawn a range of sonic comparisons to bands from Wipers to Masshysteri, Autoclave to Drive Like Jehu, Huggy Bear to KARP, Sonic Youth’s Bad Moon Rising to Warsaw. After years of relentless international touring on the heels of their well-received album "Blood::Muscles::Bones" (released on Nervous Intent in the U.S./Contraszt! in Europe), Megan March and John No returned home to troubled times in their immediate bay area underground punk community/family and the world at large. True to form, the band sought to come to terms with this changed landscape by diving deeply into their own recording studio to create a new record with an expansive new vision. This record, "The Envoy", is a concept album based on famed dystopian, gender revolutionary, anti-authoritarian author Ursula K. Le Guin's influential books "The Dispossessed" and "Left Hand of Darkness". "(contraszt records, 2017)

More Information
Genre Punk, Wave
Label Contraszt Records
Format LP / 12"
Release year 2017
Availability available immediately
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