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Tackleberry - Additional Time EP

Tackleberry - Additional Time EP

Schwach - st EP

Schwach - st EP

Stumbling Pins - Lifetime Crisis EP

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Fire and Flames, 2014


New acoustic EP of our Gaarden-based mates and comrades STUMBLING PINS! After this famous underground-boygroup – which we count to the rare cluster of bands who deserve the holy label of punkrock – hasn't released new records for two years now, they have locked themselves into their bunker for the last weeks and recorded four hot acoustic songs. It's all about pain, love, hate, fear and surviving in this estranged capitalist world.


7" EP comes in beautiful hardcover and with lyric sheet and extra DOWNLOAD CODE!




(Side A)

1 From Rags to Riches 03.01

2 Fear and Hate 02.59

(Side B)

3 Concrete World 03.55

4 Your Dreams my Nightmare 03.00

More Information
Genre Streetpunk / Oi, Songwriter / Akkustik
Label Fire and Flames Music
Format EP / 7"
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
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