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Across The Border - Hag Songs CD

Across The Border - Hag Songs CD

The Minc - Where is your god? CD

The Minc - Where is your god? CD

The Class War Kids - Reflection! Rage! Rebellion! CD

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„Reflection! Rage! Rebellion“ is The Class War Kid`s debut album for Fire and Flames Music. Straight out of Newfoundland (Canada), the Kids deal in, as they put it “über-catchy, melodic, politically charged, socially-conscious, activist posi-punk-pop.”
“Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!” is 14 tracks of riotous and raucous rebel music, it`s a collection of seditious and subversive sing-a-longs. These are songs of anger and songs of joy, songs of defiance and songs of dissent. It`s mood music for the Movement and the soundtrack to the Struggle. It`s for those on the blockades, the barricades, the front-lines and the picket lines.
“Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!!” is a matchless mix of music and message. The songs are upbeat and infectious punk rock rallying cries; the lyrics are insightful and inciteful calls to action.
Rock the Boat, Rock the System, Rock the Dance Floor!
(Fire and Flames)

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Genre Punk
Label Fire and Flames Music
Format CD
Release year 2010
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