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Vio.Me - glass cleaner (Spray)

Vio.Me - glass cleaner (Spray)

Vio.Me - soap (herbs)

Vio.Me - soap (herbs)

Vio.Me - eco dishwashing detergent (500ml)

(inkl. MwSt.)
vegan & cruelty free

Ingredients: sulfuric acid, mono-C1218-alkyl sulfate, sodium, 1-1-propanaminium 3-amino-N- (carboxymethyl) -N, N-dimethyl-, N- (C8-18 (even number) and C18 (unsaturated acyl) derivs., hydroxides, inner salt

The biodegradable surfactants contained come from natural plant sources such as coconuts, sunflowers, natural sugars and alcohols as well as fruits.

Contains: <5% anionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants


Quantity: 500ml

Basic price: € 0.72 / 100ml

Vio.Me is a factory that has been occupied in Greece since 2011 and has been producing under self-management since 2013 in Thessaloniki / Greece.

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