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1871 – T-Shirt

1871 – T-Shirt

Vive la Commune – T-Shirt

Vive la Commune – T-Shirt

Vive la Commune – Shirt (waist fitted)

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Brand: Fire & Flames

Material: 100% cotton

Shirt: black slimfit shirt, round neck collar

Print: two-tone front print

“The Commune, not only those who governed it, but through those who defended it, set up an ideal for the future superior to all previous revolutions, a new society in which no one is master on the basis of birth, title or fortune, and no one is a servant on the basis of origin, caste or wages. Everywhere the word “commune” was understood in the most comprehensive sense imaginable, as the name for a new humanity, consisting of free and equal companions who pay no attention at all to the existence of old frontiers and who help each other in peace from one end of the world to the other.” (Élisée Reclus)

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