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Schwarze Flamme - Revolutionäre Klassenpolitik im Anarchismus und Syndikalismus

Schwarze Flamme - Revolutionäre Klassenpolitik im Anarchismus und Syndikalismus

Work Cover Mock up

CrimethInc.: Work. Kapitalismus - Wirtschaft - Widerstand

Work - Pyramide (CrimethInc.) – Poster

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The pyramid scheme of capitalism

german version. The english version can be downloaded on the downloaded atCrimethinc. DINA2 (approx. 42x60cm)

4/4 ply, offset paper.

Translation Front:
“The work of those below in the pyramid enriches those at the top. In order to remain stable, the economy has to absorb more and more resources: by colonizing new continents, involving more workers or conquering aspects of our daily life. The resulting inequalities can only be sustained with steadily escalating force.

We are encouraged to compete against each other to individually improve our positions. But there is not enough room at the top for all of us, no matter how hard we work - and such a system cannot expand forever. Sooner or later it will inevitably fail. Global warming and recession are only the first warning signs. Instead of making friends with the pharaohs, let's fight for a different way of life together. «

Download: CrimethInc.

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