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Rolling Thunder #11

Rolling Thunder #11

Alfredo M. Bonanno: Anarchismus und Aufstand

Alfredo M. Bonanno: Anarchismus und Aufstand

Queer Ultraviolene: A bridged Bash Back! Anthology

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Fray Baroque, Tegan Eanelli

Taschenbuch, 222 S., Ardent Press ( 2013)


Let’s be explicit: We are criminal queer anarchists and this world is not and can never be enough for us. We want to annihilate bourgeois morality and make ruins of this world. We’re here to destroy what is destroying us.
Let’s be speaking of revolt. We are tracing the lineage of our queer criminality and charting the demise of the social order. And oh the nectar from which we drink: lesbian pirates raging the seas, queer rioters setting cop cars ablaze, sex parties amidst the decay of industrialism, bank robbers wearing pink triangles, mutual aid networks among sex workers and thieves, gangs of trannyfags bashing-the-fuck-back. We’ve been assured that each day could be our last. As such we’ve chosen to live as if every day is. In turn, we promise that the existent’s days are numbered.

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